Use the weather to improve your photos -The Sun will come out tomorrow

In my last post I talked about how the golden hour can help improve your photographs, but I wanted to balance that post because you shouldn’t let the time of day or more importantly the weather negatively impact you taking photos.

In fact my friends used to wind me up because if we went out on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, I would moan that there were no clouds! Living in scotland this doesn’t happen very often!

For me clouds and weather can add so much drama to a shot, clear blue skies can be boring ( I will talk more about how to overcome this in a later post).

The above shot was taken at Portencross on the west coast of Scotland, which I love because it is an hour from my house, has a castle, an old pier, great rock formations and dramatic sunsets. I took off that evening hoping for a great sunset and when I got there it was overcast, windy and there wasn’t going to be any dramatic sunset so I decided to go with what I had.

Patience is also a good attribute for landscape photos, the picture below was at Glencoe, we had to drive through heavy snow and we had gray skies, However I set up and waited in sub zero temperatures. I was ready to leave when the sky cleared for 5 minutes and I got the shot I wanted


  • Don’t let weather put you off you never know what you will get
  • Make sure you have protective clothing (especially in Scotland)
  • Protect your equipment, it doesn’t need to be expensive, a polly bag has saved my camera more than once and weather seals have let me down. I accept no liability for this advice!

  • Make sure you take a lint free cloth to wipe rain of lens, body etc
  • When you get home unpack your gear in room temperature so any residual moisture escapes (moisture hates lenses and bodies)
  • Tell someone were you are going and / or take someone with you if the weather is to be extreme. I have been glad of a fellow photographer a few times after nearly been swept into the sea!
  • A thermos with your favorite hot drink, you will be amazed and how good it tastes after a wild day of shooting.
  • Stay safe… you can always claim insurance to replace your camera but you are irreplacable

I would love to hear your comments or questions also if you have any specific topics you would read about let me know and I will see if I can include it in a future post.

Hope you have a great day (or not weather wise! 😉 )