8 Best Beaches on the Isle of Bute

I was back on the island I grew up on and I had an afternoon to spare, so myself and my girlfriend decided to try and visit the 8 best beaches on the Isle of Bute. I started off trying to take long exposures but quickly realised that I was going to have to go with handheld or I was never going to get round them all. The weather and light changed by the second so it was roasting one minute and dull and windy the next.

We started off at Ascog Bay




Next was Kerry Croy




A ten minute drive away is Kilchattan Bay


Kilchattan bay1


As it is quite big I needed  two photos to fit it in





Next on the list is Dunagoil beach, you need to go down a single track road and it is walking distance from the more ‘famous’ st blanes and iron age settlement which you can see in the left hand side of the photo, however, there is rarely any one here.





A another ten minute drive and a walk down the path brings you to langalbunioch





The next on our journey is my favourite, I spent a lot off time there when I was younger and when I go back to Bute I always find that I pretty much get this beach to myself as Ettrick is more popular.  You get two pictures as it my favourite! Scalpsie Bay!


Scalpsie Scalpsie2



Our second last beach is my girlfriend’s favourite as she spent a lot of time there when she was growing up (not a patch on scalpsie :p) St Ninians Bay

S tninians


And last but not least is Ettrick Bay.


Ettrick bay2

It has an excellent tearoom at one side which  is great to sit down and have a coffee after doing 8 beaches in one afternoon. The Isle of Bute has far more to offer than excellent beaches but they are definitely worth visiting the island for. Ultimately, this post isn’t my usual photography, the time of day was wrong, I literally stopped an took a few shots rather than spending a few hours on location; it was about documenting a great day with my girlfriend reminiscing about old times and getting some sea air in my lungs.




Dunnottar Castle

I have been meaning to visit Dunnottar for ages. Disappointingly it was overcast and 8c in June. However it was stunning and I will be back. I went down to the beach to get a slightly different angle. Upgraded from 7d to 6d. Sensor is great but takes some use getting used to the reduced focus points.


Creative self portrait

I haven’t had much time for photography recently and I needed some inspiration as although I love landscapes I have been so busy recently that a trip to my favorite places has not been possible. I also needed a spot of inspiration so I was really glad that I had booked onto to Brooke Shaden’s fine art workshop.http://shadenproductions.com/blog/

I woke up that morning feeling hellish with a heavy cold that was affecting my balance,however, I really wanted to go so I dosed up on lemsip and went.

I am so glad that I did. It was an amazing experience which gave me tools to help get creative idea’s and stories in prep for shoots, reminded me to slow down (I have a tendency to try and work really fast on fashion shoots due to time constraints) and the simple, straightforward workflow on CS5 Brooke uses was a revelation.

I don’t like being in front of a camera, I prefer to be behind it, however, I found myself helping a friend with one of his photography workshops on a freezing, dull day and I had 20 minutes to myself and I wanted to take some shots. The above image is a result of using what was available. No model (well has to be me :/) a scarf and the enviroment around me.

So if you find yourself somewhere and and lacking inspiration then why not think about a creative self portrait?

Hope you have a great weekend. Always interested to hear your comments.