Photography Block

Sometimes, I can love and hate photography in equal measure. When I am out and feeling inspired then it’s great, but when I want to go out and take photographs but stuck in the mode of done that a hundred times and uninspired I feel like f**ck it I am going sell this stuff and go and do something different.

I think everyone feels like this, my solution, just get my ass out and take some pictures because the process of just getting out the house and taking pictures is therapeutic in its self and after all I took up photography to get me out of the house or hotel rooms that my previous job meant I had to stay in.

I had a moment like this recently, so after giving myself a good talking to I left the house at 3pm and went to the kelpies in Falkirk. After taking a few shots and nearly falling in the canal because I was too busy chimping, I came back with a couple of ok shots but more importantly re-energised. So if you are feeling like this at the moment, get out the house and take some shots, it’s not always the final product but the process which is important.

Many thanks for the views and likes recently, please post some comments on how you overcome photography blocks. Have a great weekend.



The Monumento alla Partigiana Veneta monument at Sunset

This is from roughly the same view point of view as the last post of fire works and using a cheap Haida nd 10 stop screw in filter. I was balancing on one of the blocks that are part of the installation and that you can see in the foreground. Everytime a vaporetto passed I was clinging on and hoping I wouldn’t end up it the water.

The Monumento alla Partigiana Veneta monument. Commonly referred to as the ‘La Partigiana’, facing the sea, it is dedicated to the women who fought in the resistance movement against Fascism during the time of the Second World War. It’s a statue of a woman lying down with her hands tied and positioned more or less level with the lagoon’s low tide mark


Fireworks a Redentore festival Venice

The Fireworks at the Redentore have got to be some if the most amazing I have seen. I only had my cheap travel tripod so I had to find a wall that I could place it on. Timer set to 2 second delay on 7d. Another challenge was that I had bought the canon 10 – 18 IS which has IS which I forgot to turn off at the start and the focus is electronic rather than mechanical.

Anyway, kinda happy with the results. First time taking shots of fireworks.