Creative self portrait

I haven’t had much time for photography recently and I needed some inspiration as although I love landscapes I have been so busy recently that a trip to my favorite places has not been possible. I also needed a spot of inspiration so I was really glad that I had booked onto to Brooke Shaden’s fine art workshop.

I woke up that morning feeling hellish with a heavy cold that was affecting my balance,however, I really wanted to go so I dosed up on lemsip and went.

I am so glad that I did. It was an amazing experience which gave me tools to help get creative idea’s and stories in prep for shoots, reminded me to slow down (I have a tendency to try and work really fast on fashion shoots due to time constraints) and the simple, straightforward workflow on CS5 Brooke uses was a revelation.

I don’t like being in front of a camera, I prefer to be behind it, however, I found myself helping a friend with one of his photography workshops on a freezing, dull day and I had 20 minutes to myself and I wanted to take some shots. The above image is a result of using what was available. No model (well has to be me :/) a scarf and the enviroment around me.

So if you find yourself somewhere and and lacking inspiration then why not think about a creative self portrait?

Hope you have a great weekend. Always interested to hear your comments.