Giving your pictures a voice?

I was asked recently ‘what message I was trying to convey with my pictures?’ and this got me to thinking, what am I trying to convey?

On initial reflection I would have liked to say something cool…

But I’m not that cool, however I put some more thought into it and as photographers we should think about what message we are trying to convey as much as apeture,shutter speed etc Each of our pictures should convey something but what?

Advertisers, film makers and writers all start out with a basic concept and expand on this as the work through the process.

So 3 things to think about

Heart – does it convey something about our emotions

Head – is there and intellectual message or does it take a cognative, logical process to see the meaning

Conceptual – a common theme throughout a series or the heavy use of metaphors?

or all three

I think the majority of us do this subconciously, however their can be real benefit in being planned and concious of our message.

Let me know what you think my picture above says in the comment box if you have time

PS for my regular readers out there, I have had abit of critism from some photographers about why I would want to put ‘rudimentary’ training techniques on my blog, my answer is well people seem to enjoy them ;), so let me know if there any subjects you would like me to blog about in the future.

5 thoughts on “Giving your pictures a voice?

  1. I love your above image. I get a sense of loneliness when I look at it. Like this little girl is dressed for the day; her bags are packed for school. She’s ready– and yet there’s only this vast expanse of emptiness before her. She stares out into it, not necessarily frightened, but wondering what lies ahead of her and how she will encounter it. She stares out there, holding firmly to her ground because she knows that no matter what happens, she wont be bothered by it. She’s ready.

    Or, maybe that’s just my imagination running wild. Either way, you’ve accomplished what a piece of art is supposed to do. Well done! Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to follow your blog. Cheers,
    – Nate

    1. Hi Nate

      Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated. It was actually my partner in the photo, who uni life was many years in the past, she would kill me if I put her age on here! and I am too much of a gentleman to say! 😉

      I love the fact that your imagination went into overdrive when searching for the meaning and your description is very close to her outlook at the time I took the picture.

      Hope your week is going well and thanks again for adding your voice to my picture

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