1 to 1 Photography Coaching

I just wanted to share some feedback from a recent photography coaching session. If this is something you are interested in please get in contact.

Paddy has an effective step-by-step approach that enabled a clear progressive explanation which he skilfully aimed at the level I needed it to be. In an informal and relaxed way, he simplified the camera and its functions, and was able to reformulate his descriptions if I did not understand them immediately. When I had questions, his answers were clear, and if I was even a bit uncertain he would: – explain with different words – use a more visual approach: examples of possible images of objects around us and imagining how different camera settings would change how we see them – encourage me to apply the knowledge with some hands-on exercises: seeing immediately what different images look like depending on how you control the camera. He managed to go over what I knew but also to add some new technical notions. Afterwards, I felt more confident about what I was initially unsure about, and curious about using the new knowledge I had been given. I would recommend Paddy to someone who wants a coaching session at their level of competence with an insight into more advanced material.

Melanie Letore

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