Music Photography



I have got to say that there are very few things that can compare to photographing bands from the pit or side of the stage. I love music and gigs and it’s amazing rush when you have the crowd behind you and the band seems like inches away through the lens.

It’s tough from a photographers view point as the gigs are usually in extremely low light, no flash allowed and only 3 songs to capture (alot of bands only just get going after the first 3 songs). However, these obstacles make me more determined to get great shots.

I have uploaded a small selection of my music photos  in


29 ways to be creative

I think every creative person has times where they have a block, which can be concerning when they think back to the day, week or month before when they were bursting with idea’s. I have a terrible habit of getting ideas at night when I want to go to sleep, which can be a pain as it is usually when I need to get up super early the next day.

The best investment recently has been a 50p notebook that I now carry about everywhere, I could use my iphone, however I quite like the charm of a note book and it’s easier than typing it out or getting siri to understand my scottish dialect.

I came across this excellent video with simple ideas to maintain creativity. Hope you enjoy it.


Volkswagen the dark side / street photography

I had a meeting in the city centre today, so I decided to do some street photography using my new iPhone 4s as I hadn’t used the camera on it yet and I plan to use it for ‘behind the scene’ shots and video for future shoots.

At first I didn’t think my street photography session had gone that well and I was heading back home when I came across a Greenpeace stand and started speaking to one of the activists. She told me that they were campaigning against Volkswagen as they are not doing anything to reduce the carbon emissions on their vehicles.

Once I got home I looked up their campaign website and it was inspiring. Why? …well they have hijacked Volkswagens existing Star Wars themed advert in a very subtle way. What also struck me was the way they engaged their audience through stills and video in and entertaining way, however, managed to get across a serious message. This made me think about ways I could do this in my personal projects.

See the video here

So on reflection, it was a successful street photography session as I was inspired and educated. As for how good the iPhone 4s was… I think I will leave that for another post.

May the force be with you…except for Volkswagen! (Well until you get your minds into gear around carbon emissions)